All of us at New Mexico Kids Matter believe that every child deserves to be raised in a home surrounded by their own families, cultures, and traditions.  At times, circumstances make staying or returning home unsafe for some children. Our Family Finding Department, in collaboration with Bernalillo County Child, Youth, and Family (CYFD),  works together in the search and discovery of unknown relatives,  giving a young person within the foster care system a greater chance of being raised with a safe and loving family member.


Children living within the foster care system will spend parts of their childhood living apart from their family and friends.  Each day, while family and child are separated, those pieces of the child’s history may become lost forever. Lifebooks are a great tool for our family finding department because they hold valuable information about the child’s history and family.

Lifebooks were created as a vessel to carry the past into the present.  With each page, the child’s stories come alive, their achievements showcased, and their memories kept safe. The early years of a child who grew up in foster care will forever be remembered through pictures, facts, documents, stories, and art.

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