What difference do you feel you have made in a child’s life?

I believe that I have made a difference by consistently showing up and being able to paint a whole picture of a child’s story. There are numerous individuals involved in a single case and their roles are very specific. I have the privilege to see how all the moving parts are making an impact on the child’s wellbeing and articulate it to the children’s court on their behalf.

One sentence about why others should advocate? Why should others be child advocates?

Being a child advocate is about justice and equity for our future generations to be healthy and whole people.

How have you grown because of this experience (of being a child advocate)?

My professional hat in life is working with high school and college students in their higher education journeys. I knew that becoming a CASA would grow my capacity to understand more about child development and access to higher education. Our children’s grit and resilience in life has continuously humbled me and reminded me that all caring adults can make a positive impact on a child — no matter how big or small.