NMKM Interview with Rain

Brittany Yazzie, New Mexico Kids Matter, spoke to Rainbownita regarding the impact of New Mexico Kids Matter on her life.

Here is an outline from the conversation.

How has CASA helped you while in foster care?

“When I had no one and was ready to give up CASA helped me. Especially Veronica Montaño-Pilch and Keelie Garcia helped me a lot by encouraging me and helping me understand that I was loved. I was not just disposable. They gave me the ability to be who I am and explore who Rain or Rainbownita was.

What would change in your day-to-day life if you didn’t have a CASA?

“I would not be here. But to not be too intense. I believe I would be struggling and hurting. The difference between CYFD and CASA is that CYFD goes by the book versus CASA, where they make the youth feel special and help them improve their situations. Without CASA I would not have been able to find who I was or who Rainbownita was.”

How important is CASA for the children in Foster Care?

“CASA is important in general. The volunteers help the youths and help them become productive adults. They help mold and provide the support to help them succeed. Without CASA, these kids would not have the support to make their dreams come true.”

“We are not looking at one child, were looking at all children, all ethnicity from all backgrounds. Every youth and every kid needs help. Kids are our future and helping them mold themselves is helping mold the future.”